Dr. Rotheram is proud to have trained, mentored, and collaborated with the following researchers.

Bita Amani Charles Drew University, Instructor
George Ayala Global Forum on MSM & HIV, Executive Officer
Guadalupe Ayala SDSU, Professor, SDPRC Co-Director
Adam Bernstein Practicewise, Professional Development, Research & Evaluation, and Service & Products Development
Beth Bernstein University of Arizona, Assistant Professor
Karin Best UCLA, Semel Institute
Coleen Cantwell ETR, Director of Business Development and Planning
David Castro-Blanco Alder School of Professional Psychology, Core Faculty
W. Scott Comulada UCLA, Assistant Professor in Residence (K01MH089270)
Roberto De Vogli UC Davis, Associate Professor
Marya Gwadz NYU Nursing, Senior Research Scientist
Rogers Kasirye Uganda Youth Development League, NIDA Humphrey Fellow
Ella Kelly Howard University, Deputy Director of Pediatrics and Child Health
Karen Kurasaki California Institute for Mental Health, Senior Associate
Maya Lazar UCLA, Autism Research and Treatment Clinic Coordinator
Sung Jae Lee UCLA, Associate Professor (K01MH089270)
Noelle Leonard Columbia University, NDRI
Patricia Lester UCLA, Professor, NFRC Director
Marguerita Lightfoot UCSF, Professor; CAPS Director
Chunqing Lin UCLA, Assistant Research Epidemiologist (K01MH102147)
Traci Mann University of Minnesota, Associate Professor
William Marelich CSU Fullerton, Professor of Psychology
Elizabeth Mayfield Arnold Wake Forest University, Associate Professor
Myralyn Nartey UCLA, Student
Peter Newman University Of Toronto, Professor
Typhanye Penniman Dyer UMD College Park, Assistant Professor
Nithya Ramanathan Nexleaf, President, Co-Founder
Marion Riedel Columbia University, Associate Professor of Professional Practice
Eric Rice USC, Assistant Professor
Evelisa Rigoni de Faria University of Rio de Janeiro, Post Doctoral
Leah Robin CDC, Lead Health Scientist
Tamsen Rochat Africa Center, Senior Clinical Psychologist
Victoria Rueda Liscensed MSW
Carl Sneed Cal State Dominguez Hills, Assistant Professor
Rosa Solorio Washington University, Assistant Professor
Dallas Swendeman UCLA, Assistant Professor, William T. Grant Scholar
Aranazu Talukdar West Bengal Medical Education Service, Associate Professor
Ashaunta Tumblin UC Riverside, Assistant Professor
Alastair Van Heerden HSRC, Post-Doctoral Fellow
Elena Vasti UCLA, College Academic Counselor
Andrea Witkin USC School of Social Work, Adjunct Lecturer
Kynna Wright Illumination Education Strategies, President, CEO
Nancy Wu UCLA, Research Scientist
Karen Wyche APA, LIWP Executive Committee
Guoxiang Zhao China CDC