Santa Monica

The UCLA Family Commons in Santa Monica, was the dream of Dr. Rotheram-Borus and her long-time collaborator, Dr. Diane Flannery. They hoped to create a center for evidence-based programs and family wellness in a place where families already congregated. The Commons’ Santa Monica-based center opened doors in February 2010 – providing an extensive portfolio of age-appropriate wellness programs to families throughout Los Angeles’ Westside communities.
The Commons was launched with a commitment to transforming science into practical training models that are applied in various program formats and reinforced through curated learning materials. Science-based family coaching, which provides reliable information about child development and practical solutions to common child-raising challenges, served as the foundation of these activities. The lessons of these coaching sessions, however, were also infused into many other activities for children and families. Classes in martial arts, mindful awareness, arts and yoga were taught by professionals who had learned evidence-based techniques to improve family wellness from Dr. Rotheram. These class provided opportunities for children to build the healthy habits that last a lifetime.

The Santa Monica branch of The UCLA Family Commons closed in 2013, as it became apparent that it was more efficient to reach children through their school community. The UCLA Family Commons continues its legacy at the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools.

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