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What if we could harness the best prevention science available
and empower families and communities to live healthier lives?

Dr. Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus (also known as Mary Jane Rotheram) has tried to answer this question throughout her career. She has always been an advocate for community preventive interventions, from her early work with homeless and suicidal adolescents in New York City to her current global efforts to improve the behavioral, social, and emotional skills of families to optimize their health daily.

Her goal has been to develop research that harnesses the best of prevention science to empower families and communities. She has leveraged every resource available to her, utilizing the efforts of peers, families, and technology to affect change for vulnerable populations.

It is her hope that this research will spur critical changes in the way the world addresses and prevents HIV/AIDS, teen homelessness, drug abuse, at-risk pregnancy, and mental health issues.